MusicStack specializes in helping music lovers locate hard to find music and rare vinyl records from thousands of online record stores. Help improve the website by participating in a brief usability study. Your feedback will impact future design changes.


The usability of a website depends on a number of crucial factors. Important items contributing to web usability are the navigation and the page layout, as well as the placement of visual items within it. A well architected navigation can improve the ability of users to scan and retrieve information, allowing them to follow the […]

Eyetracking involves the capture of where a participant looks on a screen, and the path their gaze takes. By calculating the position of the individual’s eyes and the position of their head in relation to the screen, the movement of their gaze can be recorded. While the technology that once made this possible was often cumbersome […]

Usability studies that are examining the usage of mobile systems and interfaces should test gestures to some degree, including core gestures such as tapping, swiping, and scrubbing. Nielsen and Budiu present the Cocktails app for the iPad from Martha Stewart as an example of a mobile interface where the gestures required to navigate through the […]

A quick look at any given set of web analytics will show that mobile is quickly becoming a dominant force and a favorite platform among visitors. Many websites that have not been optimized for a mobile browsers may soon find that visitors are unable to find the information they need or are not receiving the […]

As the usage of mobile devices has increased a mobile focused user experience has become all the more important for companies that stand to benefit from mobile design. Mobile design involves unique considerations such as device resolution, input precision, and affordances that allow the user to know how to interact with the interface. These devices […]

Unmoderated remote usability testing consists of a remote study conducted without the guidance of a moderator. These tests are typically setup beforehand using a service that guides participants using a software interface. Potential participants can then be guided to the test with a link or prompt. There are a number of benefits to undmoderated remote […]

Remote usability testing presents a number of benefits in terms of cost, efficiency, and variety over traditional face-to-face protocols. These remote studies can either be moderated or automated through the use of a service or software platform that administers the test. Knowing which type of moderation to use is as important as determining whether to […]

Interested in being part of a remote usability test of The test should only take 15-20 minutes of your time. It includes 3 tasks and a handful of questions about the ordering process and ordering food online in general. Tasks are centered around using the website to put together an order for pickup at […]

A major benefit of increased access to broadband, as well as the overall increase in broadband speed and efficiency, has been the development of remote usability research tools. Like traditional usability research methods, remote usability research allows for the testing of specific interface features through a series of tasks or questions. Remote research represents a […]